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Increase customer visits

Rewarding your customers is ace. They love getting free stuff and will come back time and again if you reward their loyalty. Unfortunately, your customers don’t like paper stamp cards. But the good news is they do like mobile loyalty and are much more likely to come back more often if you have something as cool as Scrummy Club in place. Scrummy Club traders are regularly seeing 62% more visits from their regular customers. Would you like your customers to visit 62% more often?   Scrummy Club helps the best small and independent traders bring new customers through their door and

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The magic question. Or how to grow your Scrummy Club loyalty program, effortlessly

The magic question

There’s really no point investing in a loyalty program for your small business, unless your best customers are on it. After all, the bigger your Scrummy Club is, the more opportunity you will have to reward those customers AND the more opportunity you will have to grow your customer base through referrals. So, aside from getting your loyalty offer right, prioritising customer signups needs to be the number one way to drive ROI and reap the full value of your loyalty program. With more customers enrolled, the more data you will have execute personalised marketing, which in turn will drastically

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Welcome to your mobile high street

mobile loyalty apps

The mobile high street is here, is your business at risk of missing out? Like it or not, the mobile high street is here. Large high street retailers have, for some while, realised that their customers’ obsession with smart phones offers a huge opportunity. To capitalise on this, the vast majority are heavily investing in creating a mobile customer experience, from mobile loyalty and offers to ordering and payments. The following reviews, from real customers in the app store, show just why businesses are pumping massive budgets in to mobile and why they are using it as a way to delight, surprise and reward their loyal

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Scrummy Club

scrummy club

Scrummy Club helps the UK’s best small traders to bring new customers through their doors, and keep them coming back more often – all from only 80p per day. Here’s what you get. A powerful mobile loyalty app Scrummy Club provides your business with a hugely improved mobile app replacement for all those annoying paper loyalty cards. With Scrummy there’s no need for your customers to remember to carry around loads of cards, to worry about losing them, or to have to hunt for the right card while paying. There’s no hardware or EPOS integration required, and it provides an

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Customer loyalty schemes for cafes: how to make yours successful

Customer loyalty scheme in a coffee shop

A customer loyalty scheme can be a great way of rewarding the best customers at your cafe. Not only is customer retention central to cultivating brand loyalty, but it can also help your business financially. It can be 5-10 times more expensive to acquire customers than to retain them. And loyal patrons also spend 67% more on average than new consumers. Creating loyal customers is about more than a great loyalty scheme. But if you’re looking to make your cafe’s customer loyalty scheme a success, here are a few tips to consider. 1. Think about your customer loyalty scheme’s objectives

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6 reasons your business needs mobile loyalty

So what is mobile loyalty and why should you consider a mobile loyalty solution for your business? Since establishing Scrummy Club back in 2014, we have spoken to literally hundreds of business owners and their customers. Some of these businesses are still trading, but a huge number aren’t. To succeed, providing customers with high quality products served by friendly and engaging staff is a given, but that’s not enough. Over the years we have seen how the most successful traders focus on creating and maintaining strong customer relationships.   If you’re serious about building great customer relationships, here are 6 reasons you should be considering mobile loyalty: 1. Your customers

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