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What you get with Scrummy Club

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Scrummy Club helps the best small and independent traders bring new customers through their door and keep them coming back more often. Scrummy Club: Gets you more new customers; Keeps your customers coming back; Develops business at off peak times; Helps you compete with the big chains; And much more. Key features A mobile loyalty replacement for stamp cards Scrummy Club gives your business a powerful mobile loyalty replacement for stamp cards, helping you to build a marketing database. An easy and fun way for shoppers to engage as they collect points and rewards for their loyalty. Together with the

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Mobile loyalty: Scrummy Club gives local lunchtime favourite a boost

Mobile loyalty app case study

Mobile loyalty for customers, a Scrummy case study Local lunchtime favourite, Doorsteps in Salisbury, has been using Scrummy Club’s mobile loyalty app solution to reward their customers for over a year. Not only do their customers love it more than their old paper scheme, but Doorsteps can now better measure its success. The best result for Doorsteps however was managing to increase sales on market days, traditionally slower days for them.  The customer Doorsteps is an independent sandwich shop in Salisbury’s medieval city centre. They offer freshly made thick-cut sandwiches, soups and more using the best local ingredients. A firm local

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Scrummy Club FAQs

scrummy club

What is Scrummy Club? Scrummy Club gives small and independent Traders a powerful mobile loyalty, messaging and referral platform to help bring new Shoppers through the door – and keep them coming back. You can see Scrummy Club in action by watching our video or by downloading the app and having a go on our demo. Why did you create Scrummy Club? Shoppers increasingly expect mobile to be a part of their high street retail experience. The larger high street retailers already have successful mobile platforms in place, and these are attracting customers away from all the small and independent traders

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How well do you really know your customers?


As small business owners, we like to think we know our customers pretty well. After all, we spend much of our day either speaking to them in person, over the phone or via social media. But how well do we really know our customers? Why knowing your customers is so important As business owners we all like to think we know our customers like the back of our hands, but deep down we all know that’s not necessarily true. The fact is there’s always more to learn about your customers, for good reason. Understanding more about your customers is key to

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We’ve seen the future of customer loyalty, and it’s delightful

The future of loyalty is customer delight

We’re all familiar with the concept, but what does customer loyalty really mean? Is it really enough to just dish out loads of stamp cards and hope customers come back? As we covered in “6 reasons your business needs mobile loyalty”, successful business owners needs to ensure they offer great product, service and staff from a convenient location. But to generate true customer loyalty you must aim for customer delight. Why customer loyalty is so important for your small businesses Pareto’s Principle states that 20% of your customers, “the loyal ones”, will account for 80% of your business’s revenues. According to Deloitte, businesses that take meaningful steps to drive

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Scrummy Club in action

Larger high street retailers already have successful mobile loyalty programs in place, and your customers now increasingly expect mobile to be a part of their shopping experience. This can attract customers away from small and independent businesses like yours. Scrummy Club provides a powerful mobile loyalty, messaging and referral platform that gets new customers through your door, keeps them coming back more often and spending more! In the following 60-second video, 3 of Scrummy Club’s co-founders (James, Ben and Mike) outline how simple our mobile loyalty app is for you and your customers to use. Try Scrummy Club for yourself

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